3 steps to boost your creative process

1. A familiar walkway

Home page of httpster

2. A more exciting experience

I truly believe that it is highly important for a brand to have a solid identity in the online sphere. This identity is built on sharing your own photos, sharpe layout, unique illustrations, and icons on your website. The more unique solutions you design for a given website, the more unique impression it will make on users.

Home page of Dropbox

3. A step back

In his book Dancing About Architecture, Phil Beadle an award-winning teacher and award-winning broadcaster writes that creativity is manifested in the ability to connect and interpret several seemingly unrelated things as new things. In light of this, when we get stuck in the planning process, it’s worth stepping back one step and looking at the problem from another, more objective perspective. We are looking for alternative sources of inspiration!

Balasys iconset by Lajos Csutorás


I hope the points outlined above can help us plan fresher, more vibrant things. I trust that incorporating these practices into our design process will benefit both customers and users.



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