Style like its programming. Why Chakra UI?

Chakra UI

So okay, what is Chakra UI and why is it important to us?

Easy. Logical. Scalable.

Starting a project with Chakra UI is as easy as any other React component library or design system. Just import some components, make a little refinement on the theme and you’ll find yourself in love with how simple and powerful it is.

Want to keep in even better touch with your components?

Many companies have their insider component libraries and design systems, which help boost the process of making a project. If you follow my words carefully, you already know someone who matches these two. Chakra UI, of course!

No restrictions on style, no restrictions on functionality.

Creating a framework with Chakra UI and using it is all I wanted when I started to work with React. There is a place for the custom logic and another one for the style. Dressing the project with styling lines is no longer a problem, in fact, I started liking it. It’s so easy I can focus more on the power of CSS, rather than hacking methods, you need to use in many cases.



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