2 min readDec 1, 2021

The Manifest Names 5mart Studio as Hungary’s Most Reviewed Design Consultant for 2021

Strategic design makes success. Our belief at 5mart Studio is high-quality design can make a difference and help customers decide by your side. As we celebrate another exciting year, we’re incredibly happy to announce that 5mart Studio was recently recognized during The Manifest’s inaugural awards.

Our company was hailed as Hungary’s most recommended and reviewed design consulting company for 2021!

To give you an idea of how much this means for us, we’re going to tell you more about ourselves.

From 2017, 5mart Studio went through an incredible development, and in less than 4 years from an innovative idea of 3 passionate guys the company now counts 16 employees and kept the innovative and high-quality design-focused mindset on digital solutions.

5mart Studio is on an incredible journey and was able to accomplish completely unique browser-based augmented reality projects like the HBO GO citylight campaign. Check out this special outdoor experience and live through the new reality in marketing communication.

Thanks to HBO and other open-minded companies who trusted us with great projects we could deliver a never-seen AR lottery game for Globus, a lovely webshop for Daige, and a new app for Budapest-based shopping mall, KÖKI (ios & android). Thanks to these companies and all of our partners’ incredible support and appreciation, we’ve earned the most number of verified reviews to earn us The Manifest’s recognition.

For those who don’t know, browsers that want to learn more about the competitive B2B spaces go on The Manifest to see credible data. The platform is dedicated to providing insightful wisdom, connecting potential clients with the right service providers.

This award means that we lead the top 15 service providers in the country for our quality, pricing, project management, and overall client satisfaction!

Thank you to all our clients for making this a reality for us! Without the opportunities you bring to this company, we wouldn’t have achieved this feat.

We won’t stop chasing continuous improvement and new challenges. We’re always excited to welcome your project. Learn more about what we can do for you by sending us a message today

Written by Áron Szemző


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