Why does augmented reality change marketing forever?

The question is why because it’s happening now. The reason is easy, extended reality is limitless. In the past decades, we got used to the limits of the different marketing platforms, even if we’re talking about traditional or digital marketing. For example, if we’re talking about a print ad you can’t exceed the limit of the 2D paper image. Or we can check a display ad too, it’s a bit better, it can move, you can go to a website directly but still, countless of limits. I may exaggerate but let’s check the possibilities of what is available right now on the market.

Let’s start with the same print ad that I mentioned earlier. What can you do without AR technology? Of course, you can have a cool visual about your product, you can offer a special deal, also you can add a QR code to make easier access to your website and that’s it. Imagine if you could bring that page to life and you can. That page can be your showcase and anybody who has a smartphone can look around into your offers, pick a product, and check it in 3D. Are you curious about how would that sofa look in your living room? Check it! I would not buy a sofa without this possibility! Do you feel the difference? I’ll give you more!

Do you like to play? Of course! Now I choose a citylight as an example as it’s more spectacular. What if your citylight ad is becoming a half reality half digital playground? You can play anything, target shooting, egg hunt, catcher… Imagine a world where you always get more if you track it with your smartphone. Hidden promo codes, videos, games, lotteries, and plenty of interesting things around you just need to use your phone. One of the main problems of brands is to fit into a frame like a citylight when they want to share plenty of things with the customers. WebAR allows crossing these borders and there is the chance to show more.

Involvement is the key! If you’re a brand, the best thing you can do is involve your customers in your brand’s life. It can be a commercial that they watch and like on Facebook. But what if your customers can spend their spare time in the bus stops playing with your billboard? Don’t even need to buy expensive media placements, your product or your labels are just fine. How many times do you run out of places on your label and can’t put every important message that you wanted to share? Now it’s possible and it looks much better than on the labels and it’s fun. This is why extended reality advertisements are changing our attitude towards traditional marketing tools and soon we will look for AR experiences everywhere and we’ll use traditional and digital marketing together.



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